CheekyApps Is Live: Hola Easy Click To Tweet Plugin

I’m Scott the founder of You are welcome to read more about us here. Anywho, today is more about post one day one.

Our purpose:

Create WordPress Pluings That Turn Blogs Into Businesses.

As a former Gray Hat SEO (more about this later), I’ve decided to devote my time to creating true value for bloggers. My goal is to create a handful of plugins and apps that help users drive more traffic to your site and do something with it (ie landpages or email collection plugin).

What is our first plugin?

I’ve noticed that most “Click To Tweet” (AKA “Tweet This”) plugins are fairly hard to use and do not offer a lot styling options.


As you may have guessed, we have already developed a plugin that is (in our opinion) far superior to the other “Click To Tweet” Plugins.

Why a Twitter plugin?

I personally believe their is a lot of misnomers about how to go about social media marketing.

The first thing most markets do not bring up is that social media marketing is exhausting. You constantly have to think up new Tweets or Facebook posts, release them, and after two seconds they are lost on the world.

If none of your FB or Twitter Posts catch on, your days (or weeks) work has gone to waste.

How does Click To Tweet Change all that?

Easy. It leverages your readers twitter following so you can work less. 

If you already have existing traffic to your site, it will allow your readers to easily share your blog post.  If they like the quote or interesting info you have selected, they simply click a button, and share it with their following.

**Did you see what I just did there? 😉

What does it offer?

Currently the plugin offers 3 (totally free) styles that (once approved) will be available in the WordPress directory.

Here are the three styles we currently offer:


But wait theirs more…


And finally…

What is in the future of our free Twitter Plugin?

Our user inter face is currently fairly easy to use. However, we would like to add a “What you see is what you get” viewer and a “character counter” to the UI.

This will allow users to know when they are over the Twitter 140 character limit and see what their Click To Tweet “style” looks like before updating their post or page. Saving  a lot of time, this way you do not have to keep clicking “preview” within your post to see what your post will look like.

What about the premium version?

The “pro” or paid version is currently in development. We’d like to first release the UI upgrade listed above and get more feed back from users.

We have some great ideas in the works, we suggest you jump on our waiting list for further updates.

That wraps up this post, get on the waiting list if this is something you want to closely follow.




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